What Our Members Have To Say

“I absolutely love this place. I feel like a brand new person. Even though it's only been three short months since I've started doing crossfit, it's benefitted my life in so many ways. Not only am I down almost 20 lbs in 3 months, I'm so much stronger, mentally and physically and my mental health is the best it's ever been. Crossfit has taught me so much about pushing my limits, setting goals for myself, crushing said goals and practicing self discipline on a daily basis. This is the first time in my life I've actually committed to any kind of physical activity and I wouldnt want to do it any other way. Crossfit is just the best. Plain and simple. Can't wait to see what the future has in store. Let's goooo!!!”

Ryan Jesseau

"I was a mother of one (now two) who had never really done ANY physical activity. It was challenging but I made it through and told myself that all I had to do was show up and trymy best. There was always a knowledgeable coach there to help guide me through along with an amazing community to help cheer me on, encourage me to push harder and pick me up when I was feeling down.

Since then I have achieved many physical improvement goals, including being able to do one push up, yes ONE, and I do that one push up as much as I can in order to change that to two and keep on going up. I have taken my CrossFit Level One and become a part of the coaching staff at STEPS. I have been able to give myself a one-hour mental break almost every day, that has by far been the biggest accomplishment. Being able to put some time aside for myself in order to recharge, regroup and reset.

Taking the time for yourself to advance not only your physical but mental health can sometimes feel selfish or too hard to find the time to do it. Being able to prioritize your well being will not only help you achieve amazing physical and mental strength, it will also help create strength around you."

Lindsay Mitchell

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